About This Tutorial

The following is a quick and simple run through of how me and Morten Jaeger created the piece Character Assembly

Initial Lineup

Here, we are working on finding the right composition for the characters; something that is much trickier than we’d initially thought. Each design has it’s own unique silhouette and pose, and getting all characters to play well together without one overshadowing the others was a time consuming task.

Character Expansion

As we ran into difficulties finding a good composition with the limited amount of characters, we decided to try and add some more to see if it would enhance the piece. We quickly realised how much more fun and playful the images became as a result.

Initial Light Setup

Initially we went for something darker with harsher shadows, but ultimately found that it was more pleasing to the eye with softer shadows and a brighter environment. This was when we starting drawing from references such as Overwatch and Big Hero 6.

More Is More

After testing the lighting we decided to go all in and add all the most interesting characters we could find in our portfolios. We found that the more we added, the better it got (this is rarely the case though).

The Final Light Setup

In order to get the soft shadow look we wanted, we had to add a lot of smaller complimentary lights to the scene, totalling 7 lights. Quite a bit of light linking had to be done as well, in order to bring more focus to certain characters.

Before Compositing

The raw render as seen without any compositing; this clearly shows just how much post production can enhance your work.

Render Elements

A selection of the elements we used to create the final image.

Final Image

Want more?

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